Aftermarket accessories and trim for your car or truck

Woodgrain Dash Kits






     A wood dash kit is the perfect start to any vehicle upgrade. Continue styling with a matching steering wheel, pillar post and more.

     Our wood dash kits are engineered and laser cut to fit perfectly over top of your existing factory parts. Each piece is poured and protected with our beautiful high-domed urethane top coat. 3M™5849 primer-less adhesive provides secure ‘lift & stick’ installation. And, you can style your dash kit with the finest selection of genuine and faux finishes available.

     Since 1986, the B&I dash kit has been recognized as the industry’s premium brand, a distinction we take very seriously and make every effort to maintain.

     We know that all wood dash kits are not the same. And, there are sacrifices to the delicate composition of a dash kit that simply cannot be made without compromising quality and risking product failure.

     For example, we refuse to substitute our premium materials for low-cost alternatives or take risky cost-cutting shortcuts in production, quality control and engineering.

     These behind-the-scene commitments prevent common product failure  (ie. fading, cracking and clear coat separation) to insure your dash kit is made with the highest quality for a lifetime of use!