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Rear and Front mount Ultrasonic Automotive Parking Assist

The BackZone Plus and FrontZone are revolutionary automotive parking assist systems designed to give every driver peace-of-mind while parking their vehicle in cramped quarters. They are two separate systems that provide audible alerts to the potential dangers of nearby obstacles through the use of a beeper that is installed in the vehicle to be easily heard by the driver.

You can choose from either or both systems for full coverage

The systems will alert the driver to the presence of obstacles within each of it's detection zones. From a pulsing beep to a steady tone, the systems keep drivers aware of their surroundings. The system goes silent again only when an obstacle is no longer in range of contacting the vehicle.



RearSight Vehicle Backup Camera and Monitor Systems


Universal Vehicle Rear View Backup Camera Systems by Rostra


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Model #250-8803-CCD

(many other models also available)



Includes CCD Camera


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Today's drivers are more safety conscious than ever. With the popularity of SUVs, trucks and larger vehicles, blind areas behind and beside the vehicle are an increasing problem. Sophisticated technology now makes it affordable for drivers to have an added dimension of safety.


A RearSight® Automotive Rear View Backup Camera System makes backing up easier and less prone to accidents. Nearly every kind of vehicle can benefit from a RearSight Camera System. And with the many systems and options Rostra offers, RearSight is sure to be one of the most desirable safety products in the aftermarket.